Sponsorship Packages

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Company Sponsorship
BNG Yearly Sponsorship
Company logo placed on the BNG website (rotational)   X X
Company logo and info placed on the BNG website   X X
Free single web page     X
Send emails to BNG database about the BNG Event   X X
Ad displayed in BNG Newsletter (one time for tables) X X X
Logo display in BNG Newsletter X X X
BNG Events      
Prominent display of logo at monthly event X X X
Sponsorship opportunity for all social events X X X
Sponsorship opportunity for all main events     X
Marketing Opportunities      
Company logo on select BNG marketing material X X X
Signage displayed at all events based on level X X X
Free VIP access to one main event X X X
Free VIP access to all events   X X
Opportunity to market directly to from past OSU and pro-athletes     X

Please contact us about available sponsorship opportunities and someone from our office will be happy to assist you!

Buckeye Networking Group does not warrant or guarantee marketing results, discounts, or revenue due to sponsorship.

Why Sponsor?

  • Brand your business within the Buckeye Nation
  • Connect the dots with other Buckeye Nation businesses locally, statewide, and nationally
  • It's the Ultimate OHIO NETWORKING PORTAL for OHIOANS to elevate your business opportunities and expand your market share
  • Low membership cost with HIGH REWARDS and the potential for expansion of your business, products & services
  • Get to BNG through social media sites - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (put in social media icons)
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